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I plan on reblogging the shit out of this until we get to 1000 notes. Our precious unfairly hated Queen deserves at least a 1000 notes. Don’t you agree?

This deserves 10,000 notes….

Do we dare?

Oh, we frigging dare…

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Just had a thought


Rumple Cora’d Cora’s daughter by pretending to be Cora’s other daughter

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YES. At this point, it’s canon that they care about each other for actual reasons that don’t revolve around Henry. That is a start. 

But look at that little head duck and gentle smile. it! That’s a “I love you too” look.

P.S Body language people say that a woman holding your gaze and then looking down and away as she smiles is flirting.

We know from Lana’s interviews that she is the kind of actress who plans every body movement, and that she places emphasis on Mayor Mills’ eyes as a means of communicating her feelings.

If Lana has Regina giving Emma the “I am so flirting with you look” then Regina is undoubtedly flirting with Emma.

It would be interesting to know what look JMo had Emma give Regina in return.

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Emma’s “hey hey Regina look how adorable I am” smile.

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Ouat Gif Battle → Regina being fabulous

swandaily vs colinodonorgasm

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Swan Queen + staring at each other in Regina’s office I know love when I see it… And I see it in those last gifs there!

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